The Side Hustle: Jewelry Edition

Starting a business is HARD! Starting a new business while also working a full time job is even HARDER. But that is the beauty of having a dream and a passion that you are willing to work tirelessly to make a reality.  

When I decided to launch my own jewelry company in 2016, there was a long list of things to work out... The biggest being; I would be investing my own money (gulp!) in the company without any guarantee of a return on my investment.. Having grown up without money, the risk of losing anything that I've worked hard for was a very scary thought! But I realized that the risk of possibly losing some money was far less scary than the risk of not following my dreams. It was also super important for me to change the relationship that I have with money.. Coming from a place of fear with possibly losing it, to a place of love, in knowing that it would all workout one way or another.   

After launching Studio Malavé Jewelry, then came the most important undertaking... Getting the word out about the collection. Being a small business and not having the capital to launch an extravagant ad campaign, meant me having to get creative with how I marketed the brand. One thing that I love about getting creative with marketing is that all of my models are dear friends of mine, who so graciously sat in front of my camera for the perfect jewelry photo. They are the best!  I also cannot be more thankful for how lucky I am to have started a business in a time where making a website and having a social media presence is so feasible.  

I often think how much easier it would be if I had tons of money and unlimited time to invest in my company... and all of the things I could do with it that I am unable to do now (it's really hard not to go down that rabbit hole).. But then I realize that there is so much creativity that goes into the "side hustle". You do what you can with what you have and there is so much beauty in that. It  makes you truly appreciate EVERYTHING that goes into the process and sparks so much thinking outside the box.

So with that said, I want to thank all of our customers, friends, and family for your un-wavering love & support. I also want to thank all of the other small business owners who continually help and support one another. There is enough for all of us in this world to live our truth and do what we love <3