Inspiration in Design

What inspires our designs...

I find that the most beautiful pieces; whether its a simple black blouse, a pair of skinny jeans, or a dainty necklace-- have one thing in common. They are trendy without being "on trend". When you find those staple pieces, you can build a wardrobe that will last far longer through the ever changing fashion world. I think of this a lot when I am creating a new piece of jewelry. I want to create something that will be "timeless". Like that 3 year old black blouse that is your "go to" top, I want my customers to grab that necklace or ring and wear it confidently for years, knowing that it goes perfectly with everything. 

When thinking about the longevity and quality of a piece of jewelry, I decided on casting the whole Studio Malavé line in sterling silver. It is such a beautiful metal that lasts years while also being gentle on the wallet. Though the Gold Vermeil & dark oxidation are influence by care & wear, the metal underneath is the real treasure! 

Thanks for reading!